Black Mold Inspection, Treatment and Mold Removal Costs

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A Consumer Guide to Help Homeowners Learn More About Black Mold inspection, Mold Testing and Treatment, Mold Removal Cost and Mold Remediation Cost In Your Home

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Areas of Home Where Mold is Commonly Found

Black mold can grow in just about any area of your home where improper ventilation and moisture are both present. Before you assume you have a black mold problem, it’s important to perform an inspection of your own, before calling out a professional.

The most common areas found with a mold inspection are:

  • Attics without proper ventilation, or leaky roofs
  • Attics that HVAC ducts are not properly sealed
  • Above drywall ceilings around insulation
  • In the empty cavities between walls
  • Damp basements and crawl spaces under homes

  • Around windows and window frames
  • Under carpeting, wood and tile flooring
  • Inside the heating and AC ductwork
  • Under kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Around water and drain pipes

While these are not the only places in your home that can become a breeding ground for mold, once you’re able to identify the mold, you need to contact a professional to perform a mold inspection. The price you pay to get the inspection done is much lower than letting it fester and grow.

Mold Inspection and Testing Costs

Once you’ve done a home mold inspection and located black mold in your home, the next step is testing. You have a few options at this point, and we recommend you do what you can afford, versus doing nothing at all. There are diy mold test kits available from the right sidebar of this page, or you can have a professional mold inspection service come in and in and perform an air quality and surface mold test for black mold spores.

In the list below, we’ve outlined typical mold inspection costs you should expect to when calling out a mold inspection company. If you have recently had a mold inspection completed at your home, please consider sharing the company name, location and price your inspection cost, using the form at the bottom of this page.

The average cost of mold testing and inspection is around $250 – $300 for a 1600 square foot home in most areas of the US.

 Cost of Mold Testing | Company Name and Location

  • $250 – $350 | MIT, Charlotte, NC
  • $200 | Accupro Building Inspection Services, Miami, FL
  • $400 – $500 | Big Apple Mold Removal, Brooklyn NY
  • $250 – $300 | Unbiased Mold Testing, Washington DC

When you have your home tested for mold, you should insure that the test includes a minimum of the following inspection services:

  • Onsite Inspection both inside and outside of your home.
  • (2) Air Quality Tests, one indoors and one outside as the control test.
  • Wall Cavity Sample, where a probe is inserted into wall cavities.
  • Surface Sample Swaps, where swabs or sections from visible mold is removed for further testing.

After your test is completed, you may need to wait several days to get the results back. In some cases, the mold inspection company may need to come back and retrieve more samples for further testing. Once the testing has confirmed that dangerous amounts of airb0rne or surface mold is present in your home, it’s very important to everyone who lives in the house, to have it removed and avoid sickness.

Mold Remediation or Removal Costs

The question of how much mold removal costs, is an open book that’s hard to estimate without actually seeing it and determining the extend of the infestation. That said, we’ve been involved in, and had enough experience to provide rough estimates of mold removal costs in different areas, and different situations around the home. Along with the estimates below, homeowners have shared their own mold remediation costs through this website, that you can get an idea of what you may have to pay.

Cost of Mold Removal | City, State | Affected Area or Infestation

$2,600 | Zephyr Hill, Fl | Attic Mold
The inspector found mold in the attic of a home we were buying and had the cost deducted through price negotiations. It was an area of roughly 20-25 square feet and affected the wood roof beams, a piece of plywood on the roof, attic insulation, and the drywall above the ceiling of the room. The mold on the wood area was able to be cleaned and treated, but the drywall and insulation had to be removed.

$3,500 | Charlotte, NC | HVAC Ductboard Mold
Our heating and air company was replacing our central air when one of the installers spotted mold inside air return duct. Essentially, we were just cycling the mold through the house every time the hvac system was running. After seeing how nasty it was, we decided to replace the entire return air duct system int he house, and did away with the fiberglass ductboard and used sheet metal instead.

$2,950 | Orlando, FL | Crawlspace Mold
We bought a Groupon for discounted mold testing after seeing a few signs of black around the wooden skirting of our house. The company found big moisture problems in our crawl space, and had to remove a bunch of mold. We also had to have rain gutters installed on the house and some landscaping done, to prevent future issues. That was another $1,400.

$1,990 | Winnsboro, LA | Basement Mold
Our basement flooded and even though we dried it out immediately, we ended up with mold under the carpet. All the carpeting had to come out of the basement and some of the drywall that was attached to the cinder blocks had to be removed and disposed of also. The cost for mold removal was separate from the new carpet and walls.

$4,100 | Little Rock, AR | Attic Mold from HVAC Leak
We had a condensate line on our air conditioner plug up last year and had a wet mess in our attic. We had the hvac company handle the repair but did most of the cleanup on the water issue ourselves to save money. That was a mistake. 8 months after the repair, we started seeing discoloration on the ceiling and checked attic to find that we had a mold infestation. Hired a company to come in and remove everything as well as repair the damage.

$1,250 | Dothan, AL | Mold Under Kitchen Sink
I saw what looked like mold on the back wall, under the kitchen sink. Called out my handyman and he confirmed that it looked like mold, but would need to be tested for sure. Instead of chancing it, we just had him replace the cabinet, drywall and any other affected area around the sink.

$490 | Matthews, NC | Mold Behind Basement Wall
During a moderate remodel of our basement, we found several small spots of mold behind the drywall, in a cavity that was between the drywall and block wall when we were running new electric outlets. Since it was a small area and the wall was being repainted and repaired anyway, we just pulled all the drywall down, cleaned up the mold and kept on with the remodel.

Cost of Restoration After Mold Removal

The highest cost of mold remediation is associated with reconstruction after the black mold and all areas affected have been completely removed and eradicated. You must view these as two separate events most of the time, since the mold removal is an issue of its own, and the rebuilding of the structure and materials that were covered with it, are separate.

As you review the data in the removal cost section above, you’ll notice that some homeowners have included the overall restoration of their areas in the total cost they paid. This is going to happen around 50% of the time, when you have a company that not only handles the mold removal, but also the rebuilding.

There are two factors that go into rebuilding after mold; Labor costs and material costs. In most cases, the labor is going to be the most expensive of the two, since it can take hours and days to remove and replace structural areas of your home.

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